Hello again


Ok. Let’s get caught up. This Mama has been busy! The holidays just flew by. We had a crazy Christmas here in Arkansas, with ice then snow starting on Christmas day, and on into the night. We got about 10 inches in Little Rock, which is A BIG DEAL. Which also put some Christmas festivities on hold till the snow melted. So we had Lila’s FIRST: Christmas, Snow, New Year AND she rolled over from her tummy for the first time too!

After that, we hit the “3 month sleep regression” which I think someone made up- but that’s the only explanation for what was going on. We were sleeping just fine, for 8-10 hours at night, then BAM. Every 2 hours like a newborn. The wake up crying “I’m starving, where are you???” Kind of stuff. Call it a sleep regression, growth spurt, whatev. It’s exhausting. It makes me want to sleep on the floor next to her crib. It’s a miracle I haven’t run into a wall! But we are slowly getting back to a longer stretch again at night. Only took a month. It’s amazing how much her little body is growing. Gotta give her credit- she’s doing MUCH better than I did. At least she didn’t have colic (the dreaded c-word!) Am I safe to say she’s past it?? Knock on wood.

She truly is amazing. It’s crazy how every day she gets stronger. She’s learning how to roll, how to use her hands, and recently how to laugh. It’s the most amazing gift to be a mother, and I’m loving every minute of it. Every smile melts my heart.

I’m making lists of our favorite items from months 1-3 and 4. Stay tuned!

Baby’s Shadow Box


Baby Nottingham’s Shadow Box

What do you do with those hospital bracelets? What’s a cute way to frame that birth announcement!? Well, a shadow box of course!
I originally bought this shadow box frame from Target this summer before she was born (less than $15, I believe) with a gift card thinking I would put something of mine in it from my childhood. Two weeks ago, it was still empty and hanging out in her closet. So I decided to make her a cute memory box, or shadow box, using her birth announcement as the focal point. It’s a fairly simple project, with very few steps or supplies needed. I think the hardest part was the arrangement of the pieces inside.

Shadow box frame
Scrapbook paper (12 x 12)
Straight pins (or some other way to attach bulky items)
Scrapbook tape or adhesive
Personal items to display

Lila’s personal items that I used were:
Her birth announcement
The tiny hat she wore in the picture
All four of our hospital bracelets (she had two)

Basically, once you have all of your personal items, make sure they are essential to the piece. The card from her hospital bed that had all her birth info was edited out of my arrangement because I had the same info on her birth announcement (and it was cuter). I’ve seen lots of shadow boxes that are completely stuffed with clothing, or scrapbook stickers, and that just wasn’t working for me. WWFMMNWFY (What works for me may not work for you!)

Here are a couple other examples I found by googling:
Baby Shoes
Boy and Girl Examples

First, I placed my square scrapbook paper over the felt backing inside the frame. Then I played with the arrangement of the items until I was happy with it. I decided to mount her Birth announcement on a coordinating piece of scrapbook paper so it would “pop” more. I attached all of the items to the backing using the straight pins (except for the paper items where I also used scrapbook tape). It sort of has the look that I just pinned this stuff haphazardly, and I like that. Sometimes I don’t want something to look 100% perfect, or that I spent a ton of time on it.
Like I said, very easy and quick project, and fairly cheap too!


Detail of Baby Nottingham’s Shadow Box