Gender Reveal Party: One Year Ago Today!


Dear Sweet Lila,

One year ago today, we got to know you a tiny bit better. We found out you were a girl, as we were surrounded by our friends and family, making it a magical night. It was casual in my parent’s backyard, decorated and transformed by bright pink and turquoise pom poms in the trees. Daddy grilled hamburgers, Pop Pop ran around “entertaining” everyone with how high Conrad could jump for a treat, and the great-great grandparents sat in Adirondacks probably thinking the whole party was a hoot because “in their day…” I digress.

I had invited everyone to wear pink or blue to make their guess on whether you were a girl or boy- but we also had festive leis to wear as a vote! We tallied the votes and took pictures. We had pretty even teams! Yes, in some pictures I do have on a blue lei, but that’s only because I thought you were a boy. (Stupid pregnancy dreams!) I hope you think that’s funny one day. Thanks to Gigi’s quick thinking, I am in both team pics, luckily.

After we all ate, it was time to cut the cake and do the big REVEAL! We were so nervous and giddy holding the knife together as we had at our wedding 3 years before. I will say that Daddy was quite impatient and tore the cake instead of slicing! Then we held up the honkin’ piece of pink cake that we had managed to slice. I love that we didn’t know beforehand, and that these pictures truly show our excitement and raw emotion. I couldn’t stop crying I was so excited!

This was also the night I announced we were pregnant on social media. (Will you think that’s lame when you are my age?)

When we went two days earlier to the big 18 week ultrasound appointment, we had the ultrasound tech put your gender in an envelope and I took that to the Blue Cake Co. We had already planned out the cake, and the instructions were to have pink or blue cake based on the envelope’s contents. So we were just as surprised as everyone else. It was really really hard to not peak! (continued below…)





















We are truly blessed to have you in our lives. One year ago, it was hard to imagine the baby that we were going to have. Now we can’t imagine you any other way. It has been fun to watch you grow- laughing and learning. You make us happy when skies are grey. We love you dearly, Lila Gray.


Mommy and Daddy


Baby’s Shadow Box


Baby Nottingham’s Shadow Box

What do you do with those hospital bracelets? What’s a cute way to frame that birth announcement!? Well, a shadow box of course!
I originally bought this shadow box frame from Target this summer before she was born (less than $15, I believe) with a gift card thinking I would put something of mine in it from my childhood. Two weeks ago, it was still empty and hanging out in her closet. So I decided to make her a cute memory box, or shadow box, using her birth announcement as the focal point. It’s a fairly simple project, with very few steps or supplies needed. I think the hardest part was the arrangement of the pieces inside.

Shadow box frame
Scrapbook paper (12 x 12)
Straight pins (or some other way to attach bulky items)
Scrapbook tape or adhesive
Personal items to display

Lila’s personal items that I used were:
Her birth announcement
The tiny hat she wore in the picture
All four of our hospital bracelets (she had two)

Basically, once you have all of your personal items, make sure they are essential to the piece. The card from her hospital bed that had all her birth info was edited out of my arrangement because I had the same info on her birth announcement (and it was cuter). I’ve seen lots of shadow boxes that are completely stuffed with clothing, or scrapbook stickers, and that just wasn’t working for me. WWFMMNWFY (What works for me may not work for you!)

Here are a couple other examples I found by googling:
Baby Shoes
Boy and Girl Examples

First, I placed my square scrapbook paper over the felt backing inside the frame. Then I played with the arrangement of the items until I was happy with it. I decided to mount her Birth announcement on a coordinating piece of scrapbook paper so it would “pop” more. I attached all of the items to the backing using the straight pins (except for the paper items where I also used scrapbook tape). It sort of has the look that I just pinned this stuff haphazardly, and I like that. Sometimes I don’t want something to look 100% perfect, or that I spent a ton of time on it.
Like I said, very easy and quick project, and fairly cheap too!


Detail of Baby Nottingham’s Shadow Box