29 Years Old with a 29 Week Old.

The key word here is OLD.  So the weeks just keep rolling by. Wasn’t it JUST March? My newborn will be 7 months old next week? Are you kidding me? And I’m how old? But I still get carded all the time?!? Maybe I really am still 19 in a weird time-warp. I still look at Lila sometimes wondering who she is. Is this real life?

I have finally gone back to work and I haven’t had a chance to post anything lately except on Instagram (@allienott or @thepaintedpig) or Facebook! Sowwy! I’m an instant gratification gal in most cases, so really that’s why. I like to post on the go, and the further behind I got on here, the more I knew I just couldn’t do this post from my phone. Isn’t this pic funny? She would lay her head down like this and then up again to play. She only did this for about a week. It’s exhausting being 6 months old.

I'm le tired. Please don't make me play any more. It's nap time.

I’m le tired. Please don’t make me play any more. It’s nap time.

The week of my birthday (& Easter) I went to a friend’s house for a BABY PARTY!  It was so much fun getting together for a play date with other new moms, and seeing other babies! Lila was the oldest in this pic, (a couple older babies left before we got a chance to document it) and the ONLY GIRL. Seriously? Where are all the baby girls!?!? It will be funny when they are all older to see how they interact. Hopefully we will be invited back soon! I was sick last week with horrible allergies when they all went to the park. Bummer. This picture makes me laugh because she looks huge compared to the rest. (We are in the bottom right).

baby party

Happy Birthday to me!

We went out to eat with friends at US Pizza one night, then out to eat with family on my birthday night at Tokyo House to eat suuuushi. Yum. And there were cupcakes and presents…oh my! I got a little creative with the cupcakes. Love the matchy-matchy. Thanks to all who helped me celebrate. It’s my last legitimate birthday because – weird- I will be turning 29 next year as well.

Cupcake matchyCupcake Bootie.

I am kind of obsessed with the side bun right now. This was my birthday hairdo. I may be am rocking it right now. Messy but still cute, right? eh? eh?

side bun

booze baby

Some of my friends with Lila, who was kind of obsessed with the beer bubbles…

THAT AWKWARD MOMENT WHEN THE WAITRESS STEALS YOUR BABY AND YOU DON’T BREATHE FOR A MINUTE OR TWO…. Is this a thing that happens? I would never dream of touching a stranger’s baby, but I have had it happen several times in the past weeks! I even had a lady pull her paci out to “get a good look at her” at an downtown gumbo cookoff. This was one of those moments when my husband said he thought I was GOING TO KILL HIM. I was surprisingly calm, but wierded out. She was sweet, but clueless- just like our waitress.  I took this as evidence in case she ran out the door with her. (just kidding…)

Did she seriously just grab my baby out of my husband's arms?

Did she seriously just grab my baby out of my husband’s arms?

Lila’s First Easter

Lila's Easter Basket 2013

Baby’s First Easter Basket:
Board Books
Carrots (baby food)
Mesh Feeders
 Gel Ice Teether
Boo Boo Bunny
Sippy Cup

Lila’s favorites so far are The Foot Book by Dr. Seuss, and the Mesh Feeders (with frozen bananas). Isn’t her basket cute? I bought it from Target and had it monogrammed here in town at Mrs. Polka Dot.

Easter 2013

I think Lila had fun, she certainly was more into it than Christmas. She kept tipping the basket over to spill everything out. Which was hilarious, apparently. Later, we went to church and then dinner at my parent’s house. Fun family time!

Notice anything awesome about this pic? Oh- that we are all conveniently looking decent? I made this pic out of about 3 pictures I had from my camera. I used an app on my iPad to combine them MAGICALLY. Its called Group Shot. It doesn’t save as high res as I would like, but is great for this & Instagram. I am a little obsessed. If you have a kids, dogs, or people that ALWAYS talk through pictures (my family), I highly recommend it. Don’t look too closely, I could have done better, but its my first one!

Easter 2013Lila Easter 2013

Lila’s “Simba” moment.

Next up: I think I will share photos from Lila’s Gender Reveal Party. Can’t believe its been a year since that! Stay tuned.


Peas were a hit.


We mixed some peas in with some rice cereal tonight. She loved it! And was unsure. And shuddered. Then smiled. Awesome!

It was a dried pea mixture by Nurturme that was in my February Bluum box that came so late I can’t remember if it was actually the March box…. We will give them one more month to get their ducks in a row. I’ve enjoyed 3 boxes prior to this one.

Also, I realized today that I have a hand held black & decker whisk & blade that will purée her food. Ready. Boom.

This solid food thing might just work out. 🙂

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine's Day Script

I hope you had a great day! After a really rough night with my sweetie, (growth spurt?? teething?? both??) I felt like I had the biggest hangover ever. I think maybe she wanted to tell me “Happy Valentine’s Day” over and over til dawn. LOL.  So when we were invited to lunch, we quickly said YES!  Then we finished delivering our handmade Valentines.

Little tootsies make great hearts! Can you tell I've had some printing practice?

Little tootsies make great hearts! Can you tell I’ve had some printing practice?

Lila's Valentines were all different. I cut the hearts out then I added paper and pen accents.

Lila’s Valentines were all different. I cut the hearts out then I added paper and pen accents.

Handmade Valentine's Day Card

Here is another one!

Inside her cards, I included a current picture. I can't wait until she can make her own!

Inside her cards, I included a current picture. I can’t wait until she can make her own Valentines one day.

Everyone LOVED them! You can’t go wrong with footprints. Having a paint your own pottery studio as our family business, I have had the pleasure of printing hundreds of baby feet. This was my first time using acrylic paint, which made me nervous because its permanent…on clothes, the bouncer she was seated in….but we had not problems! I had my wet wipes handy and I went pretty fast. 🙂

Here’s what Lila gave me for Valentine’s Day.

Lila's Valentine's Mug

Lila’s Heart Mug

Isn’t it precious? I will admit the chevron as a bit of a pain. But so worth it. If you are unfamiliar with Paint Your Own Pottery Studios, then you have been missing out! It is so much fun for all ages. We have birthday parties, ladies nights, walk-in painters, etc. Not to mention we also offer silver jewelry (Precious Metal Clay), mosaics, and glass fusing! I picked out the mug I wanted, printed her feet with special glaze, and then painted around it to my heart’s content. (no pun intended? hmm) The paint is non-toxic and washable (unlike acrylic) and becomes permanent once the studio staff glazes and fires it. At our studio, we have so many projects coming in that the typical processing time is 7-10 days, but it depends on the time of year. If you would like more info on finding a pottery studio near you, go here.  If you would like to visit my studio’s website, go here. But please don’t judge the site. We are currently updating and redoing it. 🙂

Anyways, I love my mug! We had a great day, and to top it off, my husband surprises me with chocolate covered strawberries. YUM.

chocolate covered strawberries