Lately I’ve been filled with inspiration. I feel like this blog is the perfect avenue to pursue my projects, and document the journey with my growing little family. Feel free to follow along for the ride. I can’t promise prize-winning writing, but I can promise that my grammar and quotations usage will “mostly” be correct …( some pet peeves) Lol. Also there will be plenty of pictures, because I am a little obsessed (especially with this new person that my hubby and I created.) Who doesn’t love babies, art projects, and chocolate and puppies and rainbows??! Also, I write like I speak, so I’m sorry if I switch thoughts quickly. I’m not sure I’ll have time to edit….that I will leave to my sister the copy editor.
Thanks and enjoy!

(Phew! The first entry of a blog post is sort of like a blank canvas. A little intimidating and full of possibilities.)


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